OMG, It Was So Much Worse Than We Knew: J. Edgar Hoover

Sep 2012
His name was Efrem, @ Madeline...

Ever see the 1960's/1970's tv show "The FBI", starring Ephraim Zimbalist Jr.?

(What a name! What a gorgeous man!)

And meanwhile, IRL, Hoover is killing Black Panthers, etc. in COINTELPRO! And the fucking CIA is peddling crack in all the American ghettos, so as to make money to buy guns for the "Contras"!

Both horror stories are reasonably well described in Wikipedia.

Point is, Ephraim was the picture of American manhood, oozing integrity from every pore. Public relations for a gang of murderers and thugs that OUR tax dollars supported.

It boggles the mind.
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Jun 2014
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No one ever denied JFK was murdered.

By Oswald.

There is no evidence that anyone else was involved.

Also there was no paranoia over communism.

The threat was real and still is.
How dafuq is communism a threat today? Assuming it ever was one.

There is plenty of evidence that a conspiracy to kill JFK existed.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Hoover joined a tiny federal office created under Teddy Roosevelt, in 1924, at the age of 26. He engaged in a widespread and sophisticated public relations campaign to build his brand with the public, which reached its zenith at the (unlawful) assassination of John Dillinger by his agents, in 1931.

The next logical step would have been to pursue organized crime across the country, but Hoover did not. In fact, he denied vociferously that any organized crime even existed, until a meeting of the Godfathers in 1957 became headline news and the stupidity of Hoover's lies were undeniable.

Why? We cannot know the operation of another person's mind, but Hoover was both a virulent hater of gay men, and himself a despicable, predatory, sadistic, openly gay man. (This was not unusual. So was Roy Cohn, a colleague of Hoover's from the McCarthy era, etc. who would go on to become Trump's most trusted advisor until the early 1990's.)

Hoover also stole property and services from the taxpayer worth millions by today's standards. He traveled extensively, billing his luxury accommodations and entertainment to the FBI. He had a limousine and driver, always, paid for by the FBI. His lavish home decor was paid for by the FBI. He employed his lover, Clyde Tolson, as the Assistant Director of the FBI! A man whose only real function was to have sex with Hoover!

Hoover also attended parties thrown by other gay men, where young boys were the evening's entertainment, and credible evidence exists that Lansky obtained photographic proof of Hoover having sex with an underaged boy.

All the heads of the crime families wanted to control the FBI, of course, and all had blackmail material on Hoover because they provided the illegal betting operations he was addicted to. But Lansky was more motivated.

Lansky ran Miami along with other crime bosses, including Santo Trafficante. Trafficante ran Cuba, where President Baptista was a mere figurehead, allowing his people to be hideously exploited for the amusement of rich Americans.

(Trying to be brief here. I swear!)

The Cuban Revolution of 1959 didn't only destroy Trafficante's criminal enterprise. It severely damaged Lansky's as well, and both men were determined to overthrow Castro by any means necessary.

And, in fairness, the Mob bosses did lend their support to the Allies in WWII, and were genuinely haters of Stalin and all things "communist". (Or at least as much as murdering psychopaths can be said to have held political opinions.)

Anyway, RFK had targeted organized crime from long before he became JFK's AG, in 1960, and he was using all the power of his office to pursue Lansky and the other Godfathers. Bear in mind, the FBI is supposed to investigate. The DOJ is only supposed to prosecute, but RFK was haughty, ambitious, elitist, etc. He gave no fuck that Hoover was angry these investigations severely undermined Hoover's vaunted power at the FBI.

Exactly what role, if any, Lansky or any Godfather played in JFK's assassination is debatable. RFK certainly believed they had had him killed, and claimed to know how the conspiracy unfolded. The release of documents supporting the Warren Commission Report occurred in 2013, as 50 years has now passed, but there is still no general consensus.

Either way, if in the 1930's, Hoover had pursued crime bosses rather than hicks who robbed banks, Lansky and the others would not have been free to do as they wished, 30+ years later.

The Mafia caused/s much horrific suffering in this country, and Hoover was their Guardian Angel.

It's despicable.
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