Opinions | Five reasons Trump may be a one-termer

Jan 2019
Opinions | Five reasons Trump may be a one-termer

Second, Trump’s play-to-the-base strategy was a blunder with enormous ramifications. Sure, about 30 percent of the electorate will believe whatever Trump says, no matter how absurd. The Trump cult however now stands isolated from everyone else. A base-only strategy with a blundering, offensive president — who did virtually nothing for the “forgotten man and woman” and who alienated college-educated voters (in part with his racism and rejection of reality), women and suburban voters — put the House in Democratic hands.
The election not only transferred the power to investigate and subpoena Trump; it empowered Pelosi, the most formidable political opponent — maybe any opponent — he has ever faced. She managed to maneuver him into a grossly unpopular shutdown, continues to highlight his irresponsibility and, by denying him a stage for the State of the Union, prompted him to reveal and nix a congressional visit to Afghanistan; his White House then leaked her commercial travel plan. Never has Trump looked more peevish and less presidential. We see how one set of errors begets another, sending Trump into a political death spiral.

Although just an opinion piece, I agree with this. He doesn't have enough support to do a second term. Your thoughts?
Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
I would like to think that the independents will refuse to vote for Trump if he runs in 20. Also, I hope that he just steps down and saves everyone the grief.

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