Opinions | The government is trying to turn Trump’s lies into truths

Sep 2012
Trump's "alternative facts" have never been/will never be proven … because they don't exist in reality.

Opinions | The government is trying to turn Trump’s lies into truths
They say you can fix anything with duct tape. But using it to repair a presidency?

That can get a little sticky.

The Post’s Katie Mettler recently caught President Trump in one of his frequent fabrications, this time his oft-repeated claim that migrant women are commonly bound and gagged with tape (alternately duct, painter’s or electrical, in Trump’s telling) across their mouths and smuggled across the border. Baffled experts called the claim “divorced from reality.”

And there it would have ended — had the Trump administration not sent the Border Patrol in search of duct tape.

After The Post’s report, a senior Border Patrol official, apparently acting on behalf of Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, emailed an urgent request to agents seeking “any information that you may have (in any format) regarding claims ‘that traffickers tie up and silence women with tape before illegally driving them through the desert from Mexico to the United States in the backs of cars and windowless vans.’ ” The email, reported Sunday by Vox, linked to The Post’s article.

That Trump told a lie is unremarkable. That government officials continue to use federal resources in vain attempts to turn the president’s lies into truth is unacceptable.

Such efforts began almost as soon as Trump was inaugurated, when he called the acting director of the National Park Service for photographic evidence supporting his false claim that attendance for his inauguration had set a record. It continued with his forming of a since-disbanded presidential commission to substantiate his false claim that there is widespread voter fraud in the United States.

In October, Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker detailed several instances of “the federal government scrambling to reverse-engineer policies to meet Trump’s sudden public promises — or to search for evidence buttressing his conspiracy theories and falsehoods.”

Officials retroactively tried to find supporting evidence for Trump’s dubious claims that voters would receive a 10 percent tax cut before the midterm elections, and that “unknown Middle Easterners” were part of a migrant caravan, among other things.

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Oct 2018
"We actually elected a meme as president’: How 4chan celebrated Trump’s victory

4chan’s /pol/ boards have, for much of the 2016 campaign, felt like an alternate reality, one where a Donald Trump presidency was not only possible but inevitable. At some point Tuesday evening, the board’s Trump-loving, racist memers began to realize that they were actually right.

“I’m f—— trembling out of excitement brahs,” one 4channer wrote Tuesday night, adding a very excited Pepe the Frog drawing. “We actually elected a meme as president.”

(Yes..the 4chang group supported Trump - :vomit: )


This 'alternate reality' certainly is a fools game...perfect for trump and his crawling followers.

And.... the insecure - conspiracy theory gang.

There’s a theory going around online that CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) experiments have caused the world to shift into an alternate reality where Donald Trump has become president.

(I kind of like this one, it makes a lot of sense)
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If you don't think subordinates in all kinds of settings don't try to please their bosses by covering mistakes and looking for ways to make them look good, you are ignorant of human behavior in a hierarchy,
Apr 2015
Trump's "alternative facts" have never been/will never be proven … because they don't exist in reality.

Opinions | The government is trying to turn Trump’s lies into truths
Hee hee...where have we seen this before? Oh yeah.....


Democrats are desperately distancing themselves from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. He “never worked on our staff,” President Obama said this weekend in Brisbane, Australia, (even though Gruber was paid almost $400,000 by his administration, is the intellectual author of the individual mandate and met in the Oval Office with Obama and the head of the Congressional Budget Office to pore over the bill). “I don’t know who he is,” Nancy Pelosi declared on Capitol Hill (even though she repeatedly cited him by name during the Obamacare debate).
The reason Democrats are running from Gruber is the same reason conservatives should be thanking him: Gruber has exposed what liberals really think of the American people.
As of this weekend, there are now seven Gruber videos, in which he mocks the “stupidity” of American voters and boasts of the Obama administration’s ability to take advantage of it. In a new video that surfaced Friday, Gruber explains that the Obama administration passed the so-called “Cadillac tax” on high-value employer health plans “by mislabeling it, calling it a tax on insurance plans rather than a tax on people, when we know it’s a tax on people who hold these insurance plans.” Americans would not support a tax on individuals, so “We just tax the insurance companies, they pass on the higher prices . . . it ends up being the same thing.” The ruse, Gruber says, was “a very clever . . . basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.”
Oct 2018
Mueller says Russians are altering evidence from special counsel’s investigation to discredit the probe

The files shared by Mr Mueller's investigation with the defendent of Donald Trump, were later uploaded and disseminated on Twitter in October.

The files shared on Twitter, "appear to have been altered and disseminated as part of a disinformation campaign aimed (apparently) at discrediting ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the US political system,” the court filing states.

A team had reviewed files to determine that roughly 1,000 files linked to by that account out of 300,000 available matched non-public evidence provided.

“The fact that the file folder names and folder structure on the webpage significantly match the non-public names and file structure of the materials produced in discovery, and the fact that over 1,000 files on the webpage match those produced in discovery, establish that the person(s) who created the webpage had access to at least some of the non-sensitive discovery produced by the government in this case,“ the filing states.

Mueller says Russians are altering evidence from special counsel’s investigation to discredit the probe

Don't you think Trump's team is more likely than the Russians to 'adjust' the information? We see this done every day. :hug:;):winktongue:o_O
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