Orthodox Holy Fire in Jerusalem

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Jul 2011
Pilgrims from Greece, the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, and all Orthodox Christian communities gathered in Jerusalem today, as every year, to see the Holy Fire lit

Thousands of Orthodox faithful gathered at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Saturday, to observe the Orthodox Easter 'Holy Fire' ceremony.

Pilgrims, led by a congregation of Jerusalem Patriarchs and heads of churches, lit candles and torches from a flame they believe was miraculously lit from the tomb of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre Church on the eve of Orthodox Easter.

The Holy Fire, which symbolises the resurrection of Christ, was first said to be witnessed in the ninth century.
All the believers can light themselves a candle with a piece of the Fire

Vladimir Yakunin, former head of Russian Railroads and current chairman of the religious St. Andrew Foundation leads Russia's delegation in Jerusalem every year, and brings the Flame back home on his jet, in a special capsule

Ironic, a corrupt SOB like that being given such sacred duty... This is a guy who, when he headed the Railroad system, was infamous for having built a special climate controlled facility adjacent to his giant mansion, where his wife kept all her myriad of expensive fur coats, of which she has many more than Imelda Marcos in the Philippines had shoes haha That's Russia for ya, though... The human shit always floats to the top over there...

Anyway, the Flame will also be brought to the US and Canada as well, all Orthodox communities in North America will, this year (for first time, btw) get a chance to see it in own church, at Easter service, apparently, this is one thing the Russian and Greek Churches are STILL cooperating about, despite all the awful relations otherwise lately... :)

Happy Orthodox Easter to all.