'Our Bodies, Ourselves' still revolutionary after 40 years

Aug 2010
See you in a new existence!
Interesting reflection of how well things have changed in the past 40 years. BTW, I'm thinking of inventing a new style of douche bag and naming it "the Jerry Falwell".

'Our Bodies, Ourselves' still revolutionary after 40 years - USATODAY.com
When the first edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves was published in 1971, the 193-page text was nothing short of revolutionary. It grew out of what became a radical women's liberation movement that changed society from a world that looked like Mad Men to one that looked like Ms.

It not only challenged the medical establishment and its assumptions about women, it also encouraged women to explore their own bodies and provided, in unexpurgated terms, information about sexuality and reproduction that went far beyond the birds and bees.

...Written by a group of 12 who met at a women's conference in 1969 and became the Boston Women's Health Collective, the book has won accolades for its frank take on topics from abortion to masturbation and its eyebrow-raising line drawings of reproductive organs and genitalia. It was denounced as "obscene trash" by Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell.