Out of the many thousands of battles man has fought....

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Mankind has engaged in many thousands of battles. The history of man is the history of battles won and lost.

Though many millions have died in those battles, only one battle had a major impact on mankind.

That was the Battle of Milvian Bridge.

Constantine saw, or said he saw, the sign of the cross in the sky, along with the Latin words "en hoc signo vinces," with this sign, you win.

And, so he sent his soldiers to fight under the sign of the cross, just as so many since have fought under the sign of the Prince of Peace.

and he won the battle

Which led to the Christianization of the Roman Empire. From there, that religion spread to Europe.

Which led to the Crusades, which led to the Muslims banning Christians from crossing their lands to get to India and China.

Which led to European exploration, and the attempt to reach India by sailing west.

Which led to the exploration and colonization of the Americas.

Which led to the Christianization of the Americas.

Now, there are more than 2 billion Christians, or at least people calling themselves Christians, in the world.

Which has had a major impact on world politics.

One battle. An unknown number of lives lost, but an impact on human civilization that has lasted two thousand years so far.

While most of the other battles simply resulted in loss of life and limb.
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