Pelosi Begs Progressives Not to Criticise "Centrists" in Public

Feb 2011
Boise, ID
IMO, Rand wasn't as bad the establishment Republicans (and some Democrats) of today. My understanding of Rand is she never would have approved of bailouts or a lot of the "privatization" that seems to be the norm any more. We don't have a lot of pure capitalists who think the government should stay out of the way of business and vice versa.
I'm not sure what relevance Ayn Rand really has to anything currently being discussed, other than that OldGaffer likes to invoke her as often as possible. Rand wrote a couple books, came up with a philosophy that attracted attention for almost no reason other than for its unconventionality, gave a few lectures at some universities in the 60s-70s, and died almost 40 years ago. She didn't have wide or warm acceptance, even by the likes of M. Friedman and Rothbard, the most hardcore libertarian type academics. It could easily be argued she was nowhere near as influential or relevant as thinkers like Adorno, Mercuse, Horkheimer, et al., because liberal arts schools of thought reference and build way more on critical theory than on anything Ayn Rand ever said or wrote. But we don't see conservatives constantly referring to liberals as "Adorno cultists."
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
You just illustrate your delusion and emotional insecurity with every post. You're like a caricature of everything revolting about PC culture.

Up next will be your typical "last post" tripe.
LOLOLOLOL, there is a time stamp on when you last edited your post to make you look like you are prescient instead of just another fucking troll...pseudo intellectual poser

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