Pelosi calls for ethics investigation into Rep Cardenas

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Saturday called for an ethics investigation into San Fernando Valley Democratic Rep. Tony Cárdenas, who this week acknowledged that he is the unnamed defendant in a Jane Doe lawsuit alleging he molested a 16-year-old girl.

Cárdenas has vehemently denied the allegations, and contacted fellow members of Congress in recent days to assert his innocence in connection with the lawsuit.

In a statement Saturday, Pelosi said Cárdenas “appropriately asked us to withhold judgement until there is a full investigation of the facts.”

She called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate and said the congressman “will fully cooperate.”

"We each have a responsibility to uphold the integrity of the House of Representatives, and any type of alleged misconduct must be investigated by the Ethics Committee," she said. The committee has investigated several House members in the last year who have been accused of sexual harassment or assault, and a handful of them have resigned.

Pelosi calls for ethics investigation into Rep. Tony Cárdenas