Pelosi: Dem Majority Will 'Reverse' Trump Efforts to Secure Border, Enforce Immigration Laws

Nov 2016
Americans should be outraged. The Democrats no longer care about our laws. They want full frontal illegal invasion!
Trump never cared about any law that got in the way of whatever he wanted. His administration has regularly flouted existing laws and due process of law where enforcing his immigration agenda is concerned. I recently provided a link to a story about an illegal immigrant who was scheduled to have a hearing in court to determine if she should be deported. At the time of her scheduled hearing, she was a no-show in court . . . . because ICE had preemptively put her on a plane for El Salvador. The judge was pissed and ordered ICE to bring her back for her hearing. That is the kind of disregard for the rule of law and due process of law that the trump administration routinely displays. It’s disgusting, and frightening.

If you want strict immigration laws and strict enforcement, at least do it while observing the rule of law and due process of law.
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Jul 2013
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