Pelosi protégé/likely successor taken down in New York City by 28-year-old Sandersite


Oct 2009
Anyone who says the Sanders wing is not a major threat to Democratic unity needs to lay off the sauce right the fuck now.

This is an unmitigated catastrophe for House Democratic leadership, at least on the scale of Eric Cantor's defeat in 2014 RE: the Republican perspective.

It's been slowly brewing. Like Cantor, Rep. Crowley neglected his district, and didn't even show up for a primary debate earlier this year.

Hopefully, that is the largest reason why this has happened, and Pelosi responds well to it.

If the swamp things dig in their heels, it could mean trouble for the Democratic coalition later on in the year.
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Oct 2013
It is not too deadly as she will have no power and she is a number. It is unfortunate but it is also a rarity as Bernie supported candidates usually lose but then again, this is NY so not so bad unless she loses. The real damage will be if this was a state that would never elect a socialist and democrats end up electing one in a primary only to lose the election. I don't think Pelosi is going anywhere.

As long as the count raises the democratic numbers I'm ok with it unless I hear she can't get elected in her district. That would piss me off.


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Dec 2010
I honestly don't give a shit who wins the ticket. I will vote blue.


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Jan 2015
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Apr 2010
Apparently during his concession speech Crowley endorsed Ocasio-Cortez immediately and played the song Born To Run on guitar dedicating it to her.

Classy. We need more of that in the party. (Looking at you Bernie)

Unfortunately her campaign seemed to pull a lot of Bernie’s old tricks, like accusing the other party of playing dirty. I really hope the socialist side of the Democratic Party can stop trying to cannibalizes the establishment wing. That’s a huge reason that Trump won in 2016. We need to realize we’re ultimately on the same side if we want to have a chance at defeating the GOP in 2018 and 2020.

Maybe we can compromise. The socialists get to throw Pelosi in a volcano and the establishment gets to toss in Bernie. The party would be better with both of them gone.
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