Pelosi Won't Attempt to Enforce Subpoenas In Court

Nov 2015
wow dude. You should really figure out what’s going on
Yup, Pelosi et al. are in utter choas. She can't even get her finger out of her backside to hold a house vote. Have you been watching these Democrats on YouTube, have you kept up to date? What an utter lot of bumbling fools.
May 2019
She knows what she’s doing. The more Trump resists the subpoenas, the guiltier he looks and the higher the support for impeachment.

getting bogged down in the courts will just draw it out. There is enough information available to impeach as it is.

But thinking the house won’t go to court on any subpoenas is pretty silly. They will probably strategically pick which subpoenas and testimony to take to court.
After reading the entire thread up to yours, I decided to see what Speaker Pelosi was ACTUALLY saying the last few days.

Apr 2012
Englewood,Ohio would be astonishing if Pelosi chose not to seek a court order enforcing the subpoenas. I'm not even sure it'd be her decision; seems as if the House committees involved, which have/will issue the subpoenas, would seek to enforce them.

Democrats have issued subpoenas for evidence, including Sondland's testimony.

There is only one reason not to go to court, for Democrats: it could be a lengthy process. But historically, such cases have received extremely expedited handling.

I don't know much about your columnist, Bryan York, but I think he's mistaken on this prediction.
I know about Bryan York! He is an extreme Right Wing muckraker. Comparable to Drudge, just not as well known.