Penney's is a penny stock as of today


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Dec 2013
Penneys and Sears both fell victim to the same things. Trying to be hip like the boutique stores in the mall. Neither ever were like that prior. Both were where you went to get that suit, white blouse, black dress and great linens. They were reliable stores where you could run in and get those necessary things. Then they decided they would go modern or hip and started selling the same crap you could get elsewhere in the mall. The quality went down and for Sears, Craftsman tools became made in China, same as the ones in Home Depot and Lowes. They just became unnecessary anymore. Sad actually. We have a "Sears Craftsman" home in our town, apparently back in the 30s one could order it from the catalog and assemble it. Its a neat little box house.
My brother lives in a Sears Craftsman house. It's quite nice, actually. There are a lot more of them out there than you might think.
Mar 2010
...And the Christmas Wishbook...

I always remember getting all washed up and dressed up to go down to Sears with my father to buy a "big-ticket" item, a new TV or fridge or lawnmower... something that cost at least a couple hundred bucks.

We'd be in the appliance dept. with fans running on high with ribbons tied on to show you they were going and the smell of popcorn throughout that dept...

School clothes, each year my father and I went to one dept store and "picked-out" my whole new wardrobe basically... shoes included... probably came to another hundred bucks.

Each year I'd look through the different Christmas catalogs, Sears, J.C. Penny, Montgomery "Monkey" Wards at all the cheesy guitars and drums etc...

fallout 4 vault 108

Thx :p
As an early teen the above was the only porn I could get my hands on! The Sears or Penny's catalog!

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