Pentagon blames Trump for rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Jul 2011
Perhaps Trump should have learned from history instead of dooming the US to repeat it,.

It was President George W. Bush who signed the Status of Forces agreement in 2008, which planned for all American troops to be out of Iraq by the end of 2011.

Bush said the agreement laid out a framework for the withdrawal of American forces in Iraq — a withdrawal that is possible because of the success of the surge," he said in a joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki at the time.

Moments later, an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at the president. It is important to remember most Iraqis saw the Americans as occupiers and blame them for civilian deaths.

Thousands of American troops had died, and by the time Obama announced the withdrawal, fully three-quarters of Americans supported the withdrawal (though a majority of Republicans did not) Obama was following through on an agreement made by Bush and abiding by the will of the Iraqi and American people.
Still, many had real concerns al Qaeda wasn't done for. And there were some, including U.S. senators, saying the troops should stay just in case things went downhill. They say Obama should have sold the idea, hard, to Maliki.
The withdrawal of U.S. troops helped ISIS. If they'd stayed, they could have bolstered Iraq's security forces and tamped down Sunni anger. The minority Sunni population of Iraq suffered under a government dominated by the Shiite majority. The rift between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq has been going on for centuries. And that wasn't going to be permanently solved by American troops.

Another crucial thing is Syria. For reasons completely beyond Obama's control, after 2011, Syria sank into civil war. Suddenly, just over Iraq's borders were vast ungoverned spaces and lots of weapons. It became a safe haven for ISIS to grow in.

ISIS took control of the cities of Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria and is proved a potent threat abroad, claiming credit for major attacks in Paris in November and Brussels in March 2016 resulting in Obama having to send a total of US special forces to Syria to help fight the ISIS takeover.
The Obama administration promoted the Arab Spring in five countries, Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

Syria turned into a civil war.

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Jan 2019
Not everyone celebrated.

Most were happy...pure enjoyment I saw when his statue was knocked to the ground. Anyone would rejoice at the death of a brutal dictator. Most of Ian would rejoice with the take down of the Ayatollah


Apr 2015
Like this:

The Trump administration threatens Iraq's New York Fed account where its international oil sale revenue is kept.

In his latest act of international belligerency, Trump Warns Iraq It Risks Losing Access to Key Bank Account if Troops Told to Leave.
Not gonna happen, Iraq can find another country to bank US dollars from oil revenues. It is an empty threat.
Sep 2016
My own world
Trump's mistake was drawing down the troops in Syria too fast just like Bush's plan called for to quick a draw down of troops and that Obama followed through with inside Iraq.
The Pentagon is reporting the facts on the ground and Trump is responsible for the latest rise of ISIS inside Syria and Iraq because of his decisions to pull Us troops out of Syria. Trump is a fool not to have learned from the mistakes of others.