Pentagon blames Trump for rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Jul 2011

But let’s all talk about how liberals love ISIS. We are not safer and it’s because Trump does not know what he is doing and refuses to listen to anyone who does.
Hey Syria, Iraq and the rest of the ME, ISIS is your problem. So deal with it.

It's not the US's problem.
Dec 2018
Unfortunately, because of the history of Western meddling since the early 20th century we have come to a point where we still have a long slog until the region stabilizes. If we simply leave groups like ISIS will grow and become strong enough to bring the fight to us. Not conventional war but they'll use the tactics they've always used. We did this to ourselves.
If we conduct ourselves accordingly? No. They really won’t. They will spend decades squabbling for power there if we leave. Our intelligence networks have changed drastically after 9/11. We have real counter terror networks. We don’t need our troops on the ground there.

In fact. Our nation would benefit more from spending the time and effort to help Mexico stabilize itself.
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