pet peeves and serendipities

Apr 2019
down on Rue Morgue Avenue
Dearest members ,
I thought I'd revive an apolitical thread I created from another dying political website.

The idea is to name one recent pet peeve that happened to you and one recent episode of serendipity.

Or more generally, one positive and one negative for the day.

I'll go first to break the ice:

Serendipity: I rode my motorcycle into work and it was a pleasant and sunny day

Pet peeve: I notice my bike is covered in a yellow coat of pollen

Ian Jeffrey

Council Hall
Mar 2013
Vulcan, down the street from Darth Vader
Pet peeve: the dog's chuck-it balls getting lost in the backyard - long story, that one. (And yes, I deliberately made a "pet" peeve.)

Serendipity: I got a call from a potential client out of nowhere that turned into a real client within minutes.
May 2012
By the wall
I finished my project at work and thought I could leave early to go home and have a nice cold beer.

On the way out the door they called me up and said they had another emergency I had to deal with.
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Mar 2018
I had to have my marriage band cut off a couple of days ago due to a severe outbreak of eczema on my swollen finger.
It’s only been two days; it’s healing nicely, and the ring is definitely salvageable be sized a little larger.
Apr 2019
down on Rue Morgue Avenue
S: another nice sunny day in the 70s without rain

PP: I wanted to create a political cartoon to post here using stripgenerator, but apparently the site has been defunct since 2017.
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Former Staff
Feb 2007
This happened awhile ago.

I work from home and have a sign on my door asking visitors to not knock on the door unless they are a neighbor, a friend or a family member. Out of respect. Knocking on my door while my head is down working is a pet peeve.

I get a knock on my door one day and low and behold it is a sales guy wanting to sell me something. I realized I had met this guy before at Street Week (International Hill Climb party) and though I was a bit annoyed, I did chat with him for awhile and since then we've become pretty good friends. His daughter and my daughter have sleepovers. Met a new friend, serendipitous.
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Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Serendipity: I seem to have free HBO.

Pet peeve: movies and books in the crime genre too lazily written to feature a murderer with an actual motive. Just another fucking serial killer with a "new kink" to his/her gore.
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Dec 2014
Serendipity: After a two year wait, the guitar effect pedal I ordered showed up.

Pet Peeve: It took two years to arrive.
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Apr 2019
down on Rue Morgue Avenue
S: I went to the library to rent some movies for my son for the summer and also found a movie for me that I hadn't seen in years and found it really unique when it came out.

PP: turns out the movie is really depressing. Still unique but depressing. I guess I had forgot that.
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