Petition to change Trump Tower address to President Barrack H. Obama Ave

Sep 2013
On a hill
This is why I don't tolerate voters who backed the guy, stand by their decision without remorse, and demand respect. It's like, No I'm not going to respect you, you listened to the pussy tape, you've seen him continue to act in a way unbecoming of the presidency at every opportunity, No.

Change your mind, it's OK to be wrong and admit you're wrong, but if you're going to mindlessly dig in your heels in the name of some weird "identification" with this human-shaped societal toxin, or especially because it advances your temporary partisan interests, then you don't get any respect from me. Deal with it.
In fact admitting you were wrong, and changing your mind is an indication of maturity, and self confidence.
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Jul 2019
Jul 2019
This won't bother Trump. It just shows you how triggered some Leftists are.

Secondly, this type of stuff just helps turn out Trump voters.

Richard Branson: Trump said he'd spend his life ...
Oct 21, 2016 · Richard Branson: Donald Trump told me he wanted 'to spend the rest of his life' getting revenge. Branson then compared the interaction with a lunch he had with Hillary Clinton, during which the two discussed issues such as women's rights and education reform. Clinton was a "good listener" and "eloquent speaker," and offered a stark contrast to her Republican opponent, Branson wrote.

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Jul 2011
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I've only been to NYC a couple times, and quite a while back. I should know better than to joke with the emo-butthurt squad here, though. My bad! lol

I have clients in trump tower. I’ve had yellow cabs take me to trump tower and hotel by mistake more than once.
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Nov 2015
Best part is Trump's probably so behind on any accounts with the city that he has no leverage to stop it.

"President Barack H. Obama Ave."? More than 50,000 sign petition to rename street outside Trump Tower

A petition to rename a stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Street to "President Barack H. Obama" has now garnered over 50,000 signatures online. The suggested stretch also happens to be right outside the Trump Tower and the irony is not lost on anyone.
Poetic justice? I don't think so, I would call it childish behaviour, but I'm not surprised.
May 2019

Over 70,000 people sign petition to rename Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower after Obama
08/13/19 04:31 PM EDT


Elizabeth Rowin, the organizer behind the petition, told Newsweek in an interview released on Monday that the campaign first began as a joke last year.

"I honestly started it as a joke," Rowin told the publication. "I saw a comedian joke about how it would make Trump so mad if it was named after former President Obama and thought why not."

However, after the petition began to pick up traction online, Rowin said she decided to reach out to the New York City Council and received responses from some members who were interested in taking action on the cause.

If Rowin's petition proves successful, the Manhattan Trump Tower would have a new address: 725 President Barack H. Obama Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

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