PGA Players Say St. Louis Fans Unlike Anything They've Seen


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May 2014
PGA Players Say St. Louis Fans Unlike Anything They've Seen
Here's what pros have been saying when asked about the crowds at Bellerive.
AUGUST 10, 2018 - 5:41 PM


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - While many of the national headlines about the 100th PGA Championship have focused on the weather and conditions of the greens at Bellerive Country Club – locally we can't stop talking about this crowd.

That's because everytime we ask a PGA pro, especially some of the top-10 players in the world, they say they've never seen crowds like what has shown up in St. Louis.

Here's what the pros have been saying so far this week:

Tiger Woods - "They have been unbelievable. Not only supportive, but just so positive. They have been on -- they have been supportive of all of my playing partners and myself these first three rounds and it's been a pleasure to play in front of them, it really has. Hopefully, we can come back soon."

Justin Rose - "Good camaraderie out there. Just being very genuine and, yeah, they have been very respectful, fun. Big crowds too. Lots of kids as well. Lots and lots of kids out there. Obviously school holiday. So it's been fun to play out there."

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I'm proud of my hometown. We've taken some serious (and often warranted) knocks in the public eye of late. But this was nice to read yesterday. We do have SERIOUS sports fans here.
Nov 2010
I watched a lot of that yesterday, mainly because Tiger was in it. Watched his entire 18, and I rarely ever watch golf. He was close to winning, he had 2 or 3 birdie putts that sat right at the edge or just rimmed out. Was pulling for him to win. And he was in it with some bad driving
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Jul 2014
Border Fence
They were really cheering Tiger on. That was nice to see.

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