Photos of the refurbished White House. Maybe NOW Trump doesn't think it is a DUMP??

Jul 2015
He told his golf club patrons and friends the WHITE HOUSE was a dump. Remember? Perhaps it is now up to his standards. He can gladly go back home to his TOWER in Manhattan. We'll gladly take up a national collection to pay for his movers!

Correction: "Real dump." Staff called the Golf Digest reporter and demanded a retraction, the Golf Digest reporter refused telling the staffer there were 8 or 9 other people who heard Trump call it a "real dump". The Golf Digest wouldn't retract the remark.
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Fun to make fun of, but for the most part not too bad. There are things there I wouldn't want in my home but are fine for the Oval Office.


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I hate the end tables with those flip up hinged extension things. Someone always sets something too heavy or leans on them.
lol yeah the frickin cat. I have something similar for a bedside table that I sometimes use for my midnight snack/drink. cat started using it as a perch.. until it collapsed on him :f_laugh:
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