Pink Floyd new album due in October


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Dec 2010
Pink Floyd?s First Album in 20 Years Due in October - TIME

Anybody else all kinds of excited??

She also described the new release as the “swansong” of Rick Wright, the band’s keyboard player who died in 2008 at the age of 65. It was initially unclear whether Samson’s definition of “swansong” meant that the new album would be entirely based on old 1994 material or whether it would feature more recently recorded contributions, as Wright continued to record solo material after The Division Bell, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Columbia Records confirmed in a statement on Monday the October release of The Endless River and said it was “mainly ambient and instrumental music” from 1993 and 1994 but that it was “still in progress.”
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Jun 2010
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eh? not many of them left tho, right? I mean the original band members.
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Mar 2014
Banned Camp
I'm looking forward to it. The band has changed over the years and their music has been spotty at times. Let's hope this "swansong" is a good one.
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Jun 2013
I think this is my favorite of almost any song ever recorded.

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Jun 2014
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I like a lot of Pink Floyd's music,

but I'm not going to get excited about this new release until after I hear it.

Some of their work is a bit too abstract and dissonant for my tastes.
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Mar 2014
Banned Camp

for obvious reasons it didnt get much radio air time. awesome song tho :)
Thanks for the link, but I was asking about the band [MENTION=24290]Lilly[/MENTION] mentioned, "October".

I'm a big Pink Floyd fan, but never really got into "The Final Cut". I'll give both your link and the album another listen.
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