Pit Bull Blamed For Killing Two Pets


Mrs Behavin


It was a shocking discovery for a Jacksonville woman who came home to find two of her pets killed in her backyard. She thought a burglar was to blame for beating the dogs to death, but animal control officers found out differently Monday.

Just hours after collecting Khris Nelson's two dogs for autopsy purposes, animal control officers went to her neighbor's place where they solved the mystery and found the killer.

Since Khris Nelson found her beloved pets killed on Sunday, no one has been able to console her.

She says, "I went to feed them at 9:00, opened the door and I couldn't open it. Pepper was lying right there and Nyla was crying."

Pepper, a German shepherd, apparently bled to death on the back porch. Monday, Nelson cried to a friend, "Why would somebody do that? Why would they be so mean?"

Jacksonville Animal Control supervisor Linda Sakiewicz explained that Pepper and a Jack Russell terrier named, Hemi, suffered wounds caused by another animal biting them.

She says, "A lot of times, animals are animal aggressive; they can be running loose, see another animal and these animals could very well have been protecting their property."

However, the dogs were no match for a pit bull, says Sakiewicz. Animal control officers confiscated the dog from a neighbor because he was covered with wounds and blood from the attack. Prosecutors are expected to request euthanizing for the dog, and Nelson says that's a good idea.

"And I don't mean to be mean about it, but if it's killed one dog or two dogs, it'll kill more dogs in the neighborhood and Lord forbid if that's a child in the yard."

The owner of that pit bull is out of town. According to animal control, a family member taking care of the dog admitted that it was loose Sunday. Those family members had no comment for Today's THV.

Jacksonville Animal Control says the owner has been cited before for the dog's behavior. Charges could include violation of the vicious dog ordinance and vicious animal running at large.

We've got a pit bull and have had her almost 6 years and she has never hurt a flea! She has never once barked or snapped at any one of my kids. She is a very good protector of the house. When someone broke into our house 2 years ago, she was on her chain. Well after that incident, we let her off her chain and for about 2 months straight, she slept outside, underneath the window where the robber had broken it and climbed inside. It just burns me when people belittle pit bulls all the time because not all of them are what other people label them to be.


Most of the time, it's how the pit bull was raised. Just like children, if a dog is raised with hate and abuse, it will show hate and aggression. If it is raised lovingly and it is well cared for, it will usually be a wonderful pet. I have a wolf-husky hybrid who has known nothing but love all her 10 years, and though she looks scary, she is the sweetest and most loving dog I could have ever had. She loves kids, cats, and people. She lets the really little neighborhood kids ride on her back, and I take her to work with me sometimes. It's all in how they are raised.
However, I do believe in reasonable containment - leashed or fenced. Letting dogs run loose endangers the dog and if it is a particularly aggressive dog, it puts children, other pets and others in the area at risk, too. People need to be more responsible when it comes to pets.


I agree with pook in it's how the pitbull was raised however,I think it's more in the breed from birth. Pitbulls are vicious by nature which is why I'm opposed to owning a pitbull.