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Jun 2014
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You misunderstand. It's common. The curse of Babel. Please understand that in discussions like these I use the word "you" in place of "one". It's the general population.

Personally, I believe that rapists make up an exceedingly small percentage of the male population. Of course, they do get much more media coverage than do we normal guys, so that probably skews the overall perception.
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Jul 2015
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And a general link on sexual selection in humans:

Sexual selection in humans - Wikipedia

I am in firm agreement with Charles Darwin that sexual selection has played a MASSIVELY important role in human evolution, and as NightSwimmer noted, it goes BOTH ways. Women also select men based on secondary sexual characteristics, as the article explains.

People who resist these ideas are really creationists at heart, even though they might deny that, and often do, with vehemence. Shrug.
While I am not a creationist, I must agree that the female breasts are a gift from God. Not bad considering it started with just a rib. Creationist would also think that Eve was the first techno geek, because she had a Wang in one hand and an Apple in the other.
Feb 2015
Yes, there are CULTURAL reasons why women have been getting larger breasts in the last few generations----weight gains in the last century, and now breast implants in the last generation.

But, wow, it is BEYOND STUPID to think that large breasts have only been around for a century or so.

Here are photographs of Venus figurines from the Upper Paleolithic of Europe:

venus figurines from the upper paleolithic - Bing images

Those date from the Cro-Magnon era, some 20 thousand to 40 thousand years ago.
i am not saying that large breasts only happened in the last few decades. In the past large breasted women were not as common..... and were rather rare.

As for the firtility figures..... it is not about large breasts. Its about FAT. If you were fat... that meant you were well fed and more likley to produce a fat baby, AND have the ability to produce enough milk due to the amount of fat available.
Jul 2015
Maryland USA
I have a couple of golf buds that are plastic surgeons. Believe me, they are extremely happy regarding the current perception of and attitudes toward female breasts. And it is a cash up front business, I guess in more ways then one.