Plight of LGBTs in ex-USSR

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Jul 2011
Sounds like that is what they are still doing in a way.
Well, they try their best, certainly. And, honestly, I prefer those dictators, personally, to any Islamist crap seeping in there from the Middle East. Thousands from there have joined ISIS, you know. From Russia and those other republics. That's another reason Russia is in Syria. To kill those guys there so they can't come back home...
Jan 2011
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If you are, say, an impoverished person from Uzbekistan, and you happen to be gay, what can you do? Stay home, and face persecution. Or, at best, go to Russia with the migrant workers. And, if you are outed there, also face persecution from local Russian vigilantes or worse from your own people if they hand you back to them...

Or, you can simply, as you say, restrain yourself and try to live, by force, as a heterosexual.

How would you feel if someone forced you to engage in gay sex? That's how a gay person feels if has to have straight sex against his choice. It's not a good life, man...
Your analogy is flawed.

We could use the same argument for any number of perversions...those poor people must live with something in them that is is that simple. Forcing society by bullyng society to accept abnormal as normal is damaging to society in the long run.

You certainly don't care how a young girl feels in her locker room and restroom now that perverts are allowed to enter at will...brought to our society by "enlightened" idiots attempting to force abnormal as a new normal.
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