Police arrest armed man at Missouri Walmart

Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
If you were wearing a bulletproof vest fully armed with a hundred rounds of ammunition it sends a message there possibly could be an attack. He is being charged with a terror threat

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Well fuck, there is always the POSSIBILITY there COULD be an attack.
Oct 2018
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Ian Jeffrey

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Mar 2013
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@Ian Jeffrey,

It's not dark yet. What do you think?
Ok, I'm reading the thread now, though I have not read any of the articles.

I think that anyone walking into a store wearing body armor, legal or not, is a good sign of his intent to cause serious trouble. However, since he did not actually do something, he probably did not commit a crime.
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Jun 2014
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You are thinking, I believe, of a charge of disorderly conduct. I am not sure, however, that otherwise legal behavior could be so construed.

I'm surprised that none of our second amendment warriors has yet come to the defense of this young man.

Is it because he carried an assault rifle into the Walmart, rather than the typical handgun?