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Jul 2011

A scandal breaking right now in Moscow.

Last night, 2 off duty officers of the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia), a federal paramilitary law enforcement agency

were shot and wounded in Moscow, alongside at least a half dozen other people.

The incident occurred at a party hosted by one Dmitry Pavlov

Pavlov is a "businessman", as many of them like to call themselves now, who is well known as an organized crime figure. He was apparently celebrating his 55th birthday.

Others in attendance included Sergey Aksyonov (not the governor of Crimea lol Though that guy is also mobbed up as hell haha), Oleg Shishkanov, and Sergey Lalalkin, all "Thieves in Law" (Godfathers) from the Podolskaya Bratva, a powerful ethnic Russian mob group in Moscow, to which Pavlov also belongs (all four are leaders of this outfit); as well as Gavriil Yushvaev, aka Garik Makhachkala, a prominent Dagestani mafia figure.

Crazily enough, the federal Guard officers were moonlighting providing security at the party! Let mecsay this again, federal law enforcement officers were providing security at a fucking mob party as side job. Yes, I am perfectly serious. Welcome to Russia.

At some point, there was a "disagreement", between some of Yushvaev's bodyguards and others from the party, about the former's armored Maybach, which they felt was parked in the wrong place. This escalated into an argument, then into a fistfight, and, finally, weapons came out on both sides, and bullets flew. Whole bunch of people in hospital now. One man possibly died, though this is unconfirmed.

But the moat outrageous thing is that those Rosgvardia guys were there.

The Guard is now claiming, unconvincingly, their boys did not know who it was that hired them for this party haha Yeah, right...

Now, they are refusing any more comments altogether: https://iz.ru/672661/2017-11-18/rosgvardiia-ne-kommentiruet-pochemu-ee-sotrudniki-okhraniali-pavlova

What a disgrace...
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