Political Haikus

Sep 2017
At the intense urging of my esteemed colleague [MENTION=2615]boontito[/MENTION], I hereby officially open the PH Political Haiku thread.

A standard Haiku is a three line poem, according to a strict form:

-the first line has 5 syllables
-the second line has 7 syllables
-the third line has 5 syllables.

All said and told, 17 syllables.

Let's take gardening for an example:

Crocus, Rose, Tulip,
My thumbs are getting dirty,
the feeling is green.

So, politics:

1.) Electoral College

Electors abound
Two hundred and seventy
is magic number!

So, have fun!!!
Someone has probably already pointed this out (I didn't read through the whole thread), but there needs to be a nature theme for it to be a haiku. Otherwise, it's a senryu.
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