Politifact's 'Lie of the Year'

Nov 2005
Richmond Va
GOP’s central attack on health reform wins PolitiFact ‘Lie of the Year’

'A government takeover of health care'

The core argument used by Republicans during their forceful attempt to derail the Democrats' health care law has been dubbed a whopping lie by the Pulitzer Prize-winning organization PolitiFact.
The phrase "government takeover of health care," coined by Republican strategist Frank Luntz early in 2009, was named "Lie of the Year" by the respected fact-checking website run by the St. Petersburg Times.
"Uttered by dozens of politicians and pundits, it played an important role in shaping public opinion about the health care plan and was a significant factor in the Democrats' shellacking in the November elections," PolitiFact explained Friday.
It proceeded to engulf the lexicon of the debate early as Congressional Republicans and conservatives waged a relentless campaign to convince the public the measure would give the government wholesale control of the health care industry.

Of course the righties here will defend this lie, as they still do the with birther non-issue.
Unfortunately the lie that came with Obamacare that it would not cost more for the average citizen wasn't made last year.....but I will be damned if everybody didn't feel the effect this year!

Also I would note there are many Righties that will not defend the lie nor stand with the birther bullshit. Seems Several prominent Republicans have been speaking about it being a Non-issue!
Nov 2010
New England
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When at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again

Friday, December 17, 2010

PolitiFact has picked its 2010 Lie of the Year, and to nobody’s surprise it is “A government takeover of health care” repeated over and over (and over) again by the Republicans in describing Obama’s health care reform bill. PolitiFact had already evaluated statements from Republicans using this phrase five times and rated it a lie every time (and three times a “Pants on Fire” lie).

PolitiFact is not alone. Slate, the NY Times, and even FactCheck.org, which is run by the conservative Annenberg Foundation, have rated it false. So did every expert on health care PolitiFact asked.

And yet, the Republicans continue to use this blatant lie to attack health care reform. For example:
  • more than 90 times on John Boehner’s website
  • eight times in the Republican “A Pledge to America”
  • over 200 times on the Republican National Committee’s website
  • multiple times on the websites of FreedomWorks, the Heritage Foundation, and the Cato Institute
And our lovely US mainstream media isn’t helping. The phrase was repeated:
  • 28 times in the Washington Post
  • 77 times in Politico
  • 79 times on CNN
  • uncountably many times on Fox News
Not only that, but when Republicans repeat the phrase they are almost never challenged by their interviewers. For example, on January 31, John Boehner used this lie five times on Meet the Press, but nobody bothered to challenge him on it.


Former Staff
Jan 2010
Don't expect the shame of this to stop the dishonest pols and Faux newsies use of this lie. They still use last year's biggest lie "Death Panels".
Dec 2010
The American people were sorely abused by their elected officials in the last few years. I was thinking of sending a tube of Ky jelly and instructions to my congressman so it doesn't hurt so bad next year.
Jul 2010
Why should I care what other people think about things that have happened this past year when I do not know what their motivation for believing what they believe is?
Dec 2010
Don't expect the shame of this to stop the dishonest pols and Faux newsies use of this lie. They still use last year's biggest lie "Death Panels".
But Death Panels DO exist... in the REPUBLICAN (and anti-Obamacare) state of ARIZONA! It's called Brewercare.
Oct 2007
Yes, I think there were plenty who spread lies about this which is despicable and in the end I think this will hurt the case against the public option. However, most of those I have heard from on the right (taken in context) is that they basically say that the public option would likely lead to a single-payer system. Not that the public option itself is a government takeover.

I agree that having a public option would likely lead to single-payer, and some Democrats even said as much. Maybe that was just to satisfy their base who want single-payer, but I doubt it. The end goal of many on the left is still towards single-payer.

Right now we have over 60% of health spending funded by the government. So, much of the money is already under the government’s control.
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