Poll: 67% Of Likely Voters Say Illegal Immigration Is A Serious Problem

Jan 2014
I guess a 5-second google search is too hard to handle?


Oh look, NONE of the polls even get close to 67%

Matter of fact, the disapproval ratings are mostly in the high 50's to low 60's.

You should have searched a little long, rather than citing polls that have nothing to do with illegals and more than 4 months old:


Do you see illegal immigrations as a critical threat, an important threat, but not critical or not an important threat?

Critical: 47%
Important: 30%
Not important: 22%


Former Staff
Feb 2010
That's not good for the Democrats.
It's only bad for Democrats if Republicans force them to propose their own solutions to the problem, So long as Republicans (mostly Trump) overreach--proposing solutions that at best try to solve an old problem rather than the current one, insisting on getting rid of asylum laws rather than reforming and better-enforcing them, urging DHS and Border Patrol to break the law--Dems can simply oppose the wrong-headed and illegal/unconstitutional positions of Republicans.

The fact that there is a problem isn't an argument for one particular sort of solution, particularly when it's atavistic, inhumane, and illegal.

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