Poll: Congress’s Top Focus Should Be Job Creation

Oct 2010
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Even though Congress’s first order of business under Republican control was Wednesday’s vote to repeal the health care law, most Americans said that they do not understand how the law affects them, and the public thinks job creation rather than health care should be the top priority for Congress, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

one area of agreement among pluralities of each party’s loyalists is that job creation should be of paramount concern to Congress — half of Democrats, 41 percent of independents and 35 percent of Republicans agreed.

Poll: Congress's Top Focus Should Be Job Creation - NYTimes.com

How long will the self-serving needs of the Republican party with their number one goal of seeing President Obama be a one term President be more important than the will of the American people? Which is that JOB CREATION should be their number one priority.
But that would mean that they would actually have to do something other than say no and obstruct.
In order to do that they would have to conduct themselves in a bipartisan manner.
They are in a pickle. Either continue to flip off America or make JOB CREATION their number one concern.
What road will the "teaparty" let the Republican party go down?
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Democrats need to keep them focused on repeal of the health insurance legislation as we work on jobs. None of the Republican initiatives have much support and Obama's polling pretty much inidcates there is a fair amount of buyers remose going on with regard to the midterm and its building momentum.
Feb 2011
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Congress does not exist to conjure up jobs. "Job creation" should not be a priority whatsoever, let alone the "#1 priority." Jobs are created by citizens where there is opportunity to make money. Governments don't "create" jobs any more than God created man. It's a myth. Governments redistribute wealth in creative ways. And that's it.

Ordinary citizens create jobs, and only if they sense opportunity to make more money doing so. People have to think that, if they pay someone else for their help, it will make them more money than if they worked alone and kept all profits for themselves. Financial self-interest is the driving force in the decision to hire or not to hire. The prediction that synergy is more profitable than rugged individualistic entrepreneurship. Government can't do much about our employment rate. At most they can just muddy the statistics. Government's power to influence the decision of ordinary individuals and companies to put more people on the payroll is actually just at the mercy of the trends in technology and globalization.

Government has no real power to "create" jobs nor any legitimate business pretending to. Mythical political nonsense.
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