Polls show Americans are closer to Democrats than Donald Trump on immigration America

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
Polls show Americans are closer to Democrats than Donald Trump on immigration
Americans want to help DREAMers, don’t want a wall, and don’t want to cut immigration levels.

By Dylan Matthews

"But on the big questions, the prevailing public sentiment is reasonably clear: People want relief for DREAMers. They don’t want a border wall. And they want immigration levels kept constant or increased, not lowered. It’s totally in line with public sentiment for Democrats and pro-immigration Republicans in Congress to insist on a deal that helps DREAMers without building a wall or cracking down on immigration."
"The incredibly useful polling aggregator Polling Report has a rundown of recent surveys asking Americans if they’d support a bill that “allowed undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children to remain in the United States legally,” to quote Quinnipiac’s exact wording. The phrasing differs from poll to poll, but the findings are remarkably consistent and overwhelming:

"Quinnipiac, January 19-23, 2018: 75 percent support such a bill, 18 percent oppose it."
"What about a border wall? Again, let’s go to the Polling Report figures:
"ABC News/Washington Post, January 15-18, 2018: 63 percent oppose a wall on the border with Mexico; 34 percent support one."


Of course Americans love DREAMers and want for them to remain in the U.S.! They also OPPOSE Trump building a border wall. And they want more immigration! They are now speaking up and by a huge MAJORITY are making those demands known. Washington lawmakers better start listening to them because those who are speaking up vote and they are also their bosses! But then those are folks who have a lot better common sense than those Republicans who are setting up barriers in Washington.