Pollwatch - XV: miscellaneous about West Virginia - an interesting detail.

Jun 2011
PPP put out a poll of WV wrapping up some details since Tomblin's win on Tuesday.

The most important data was the matchup-up between Joe Manchin (D-Inc.) and either Bill Maloney or Shelley Moore Capito:

Manchin 60 / Maloney 29. Margin: Manchin +31

Manchin 49 / Capito 38. Margin: Manchin +11

This is important data, as Manchin won in 2010 in a special election and will be up for election again in 2012. With numbers like this against Maloney, then he is a sure winner. His margin against Capito is slimmer but still a landslide margin just slightly larger than his actual win from 2010 over John Raese (Manchin +10.07%).

There is also a hypothetical 2014 Senate Matchup again for Capito, this time against Rockefeller, and in this matchup-up Capito wins:

Rockefeller 44 / Capito 48. Margin: Capito +4

A warning about matchups 4 years into the future: TOO EARLY TO REALLY GAUGE.

Rockefeller won in 2008, a year in which McCain took WV by +13, with 63.73% and a +27.47% blowout margin. So, though it looks dicey right now, the deck is still stacked for Rockefeller come 2014.

But there was an interesting NUGGET in the poll really worth looking at:

"Q10: Do you consider yourself to be a Southerner, or not?

Consider yourself a Southerner................. 45%

Do not..................................................55% "

Which is really interesting. And says something about W. Virginians. Don't forget, WV detached itself from Virginia over the issue of slavery. In other words, it was the only state in the Union that was formed by seceeding from a Confederate State, joined the Union on June 20, 1863 and was a key border state in the Civil war.

Is it part of the South? Well, the US census officially lists it as part of the South, but others list is as part of the "Mid-Atlantic States". The one thing about WV that is for sure is that it is entirely within Appalachia.

Being from Ohio, I was often in WV and found West Virginians to be some of the warmest, friendliest and hard working people I have ever met. I have never met even one West Virginian that I could consider racist. So, in my eyes, a lot of the stereotypes about W. Virginians are just that: stereotypes.

Many people like to call W. Virginians "hicks". They are not.

But I find it very interesting that a majority of West Virginians themselves from this poll do not identify themselves as being part of the South. I do think that reminding ourselves of the history of how this state came into being.
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