Pompeo: No 'deep state' at State or CIA

Feb 2007
In my mind

Seeming to completely and totally contradict his boss on the matter, our new SoS says there is no deep state.

Not at the state department nor at the CIA.

Silly secretary. Don't you knwo that contradicting the delusions of the president is a sure fire way to end your tenure well short of the full term? This surely has to stick in the craw of the president.


Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday, “Look how things have turned around on the Criminal Deep State,” a reference to the reports that a federal informant had contacted the Trump campaign in 2016, which the president and his allies have characterized as the FBI spying on him in its investigation of Russian interference in the election.

"I haven’t seen the comments from the president," Pompeo said during a hearing on Capitol Hill. "I don’t believe there’s a deep state at the State Department.”

“You know, this term ‘deep state’ has been thrown around," he said. "I’ll say this, the employees that worked for me at the CIA nearly uniformly were aimed at achieving the president’s objectives and America’s objectives.”