Pool Party Progress

Sep 2012
One of the women verbally abusing teens and striking one of the girls has been identified...someone posted that the other woman was the wife of the 911 caller with the criminal record...

Woman Involved in Starting McKinney Pool Fight Placed on Administrative Leave by CoreLogic Inc.

While the primary focus of the incident in McKinney, TX has been calling for the termination of now resigned Corporal Eric Casebolt, Twitter launched an impromptu campaign to identify the two women confirmed to have made racist comments that led to the fight and the police being called in the first place. The video begins with an adult white woman and what appears to be a much younger African American girl locked in a fight, with each holding the others hair attempting to throw punches. A group of black teens initially act as observers but eventually try to separate the two. Another woman, now known as Tracey-Carver Allbritton, at first seems to be trying to break up the fight, but quickly decides to start throwing punches to the top of the younger girls head. After a few seconds the fight is broken up and both parties go their separate ways.

#McKinney Pool Fight was started by White Neighbors who racially slurred, attacked Black Kids

It appears that this situation wasn't because of a "fight" started between a group of "unruly" black kids - the fight actually started when a white couple came into an ongoing party of classmates and kids who all lived in the area to verbally abuse them with racial slurs ("black fuckers"), insulted them ("go back to your section 8 housing"), and slapped the teenage girl who hosted the party after she tried to defend a 14-year-old white girl who was also at the party and had stood up to them.

Then those people left and called the police on the party claiming the black kids were fighting each other, so of course then this happens...

The Cops show up to attack and abuse the kids who were invited to the party and who had been previously attacked and insulted by the people who called the cops in the first place because they supposedly "weren't where they belonged".

Welcome to Texas.
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