Pope Holds Hearings On Celibacy

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
To be celibate is alright to a point. However, man, in and of himself, was not meant to be entirely celibate for all time. That is because there are inherent urges that must be satisfied that are part of human nature. If the pope was to allow his priests and other clergy under his purview to marry and have children or to just date even if they did not marry that would go a long way to avoid the problems that he has identified in those 2 percent he talks about. It appears safe to say that if priests had been allowed, from the very beginning, to have sexual relations with other consenting adults there might not have been the outbreak in the RCC that we have seen over the years in targeting youth as the pope is aware of. So, the pope needs to review that matter well and very soon and come to the conclusion that holding those men back from having relations as they obviously need to have is not normal and is the whole core problem within his church. Besides, many scientific, medical and health experts have informed us that it is a necessary thing to have such relations in order to maintain a healthy mind and disposition.