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Dec 2006
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i love science i worship science i trust science i put my faith in science
Heh... personally idk about worshiping science, it really pisses me off sometimes. Why can't I breathe underwater if I want to? Science is a bully.
Jan 2012
Vacaville, CA
My concern with GMOs is that they are leading to corporate monopolies controlling our food supply. It seems absurd that if a wind blows GMO seeds onto your property, you would have to pay royalties on any resulting crops.

there is no evidence for any of that
The bit about a farmer using GMO seeds that strayed onto his property was the premise of an episode of The Good Wife, which often told stories based on real legal cases.


Former Staff
Jan 2008
So you're OK with our current system of Democrats and Republicans being the only ones in power? They just keep trading places with each other on even numbered years.
Let's end the tyranny we now live under by taking Congress from the Trump enablers.
Once dignity and sanity is restored we can discuss long term fixes.

One thing is sure: This corrupt unAmerican, Greedy GOP mast cease to exist.
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