Post Your Super Bowl LIII Predictions Here!

Jan 2016
There will be a PRIZE for whoever gets closest to the correct final score!

Naturally, you ask what the prize will be! Well, just this: Bragging rights, right here on Political Hotwire!

So here, very shortly, is my prediction. I think New England is the superior team-----and I hate saying that. Superior coaching. Superior quarterbacking. And------this one is indisputable, by the way-----superior EXPERIENCE in Super Bowl games. It has been a LONG time since the Rams have been here, to the Super Bowl. They'll be over-awed, I think. Not ready for the Big Stage. The Patriots have been looking like they're on a mission. They certainly looked like that in the first half against the Chiefs. Their defense is better than people think. Might even be the better of the two major units on the team, and they have excellent special teams, too.

So here's my prediction:

New England 41, LA Rams 24
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Jan 2019
Between Missouri-Kansas
No!, No! The Rams are the winners. Those Rams have a very healthy, dependable, and fast defense team. The quarterback can cannon the football to those wide receivers. I say the score will be RAM 44, Bradyless guys might get 27 points.
Jan 2016
I think I've made it pretty clear here how much I loathe the Pats :)
Hey, I loathe them, too. I just happen to think they'll win. I think the Saints would give them a better game, but would still lose. Shrug.
Jul 2014
Pats win 33 - 27.

Hope I am wrong.

Pats have enough trophies in their display case already...