Potpourri on the Kavanaugh Hearings


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Jan 2008
This has nothing to do with Trump.

Democrats loved Trump for decades before he ran for President.

Heck, Trump was a Democrat for decades.

The Left is programmed to hate anything and everyone on the right, usually dictated to them by the fake news MSM.

Had it been any other person who beat HRS they would be enduring the very same anger and vitriolic attacks by the Left as Trump is receiving.

Don't forget the Left also constantly compared W to Hitler too.

But, if you have any real doubt about this being true go back and see what all the Leftist here on this very site were saying about McCain back in 2008 when he ran for POTUS and compare it to what they are saying about him now.

It's not Trump ......

It's anything or anyone that doesn't agree with the agenda of the Left.

Kavanuagh is an excellent choice for the SCOTUS.

He would have met the same resistance regardless of who the Republican President who nominated him.
Total RW BS probably based on Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh's show.
This is all based on madman Trump's paranoia and his whacky supporter's ignorance.
Trump was no threat to anyone but women and his daughter when he was just a well-born rich man-boy pervert appearing on fringe radio shows.

Now, with the help of V. Putin and after losing the popular vote....... he's a danger to us all posing (poorly) as POTUS!


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Jan 2008
Well, if you've ever listened to these SCOTUS interviews, then you know that the candidates do have a tendency to say nice things about themselves. Their opponents tend to do the opposite.

I'm more interested in a candidate's record than in their rhetoric.
It's inexcusable that the GOP is hiding many facts from the Senate including Kavamnaugh's agreement that totruring prisoners is legal!

This is an American???
Jan 2015
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Proud of you for posting your opinion here.
We disagree on Kavanaugh who I feel will be a rubber stamp for all GOP arguments and will act as a protector of the mad tyrant in the WH.

Keep posting your thoughts......you're as smart as anyone on PH.
You are making ground @Frecks1710 .....

Next you will be able to post without your Burka ......

I got your back girl ...
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