Prepare for Mueller’s long shadow

Jan 2019
Nope. Just calling you out for using Anti Semitic tropes. You know, like the ones the collective right are apoplectic over in another thread.
Once again you are on the wrong thread and not sure what the heck you are talking about calling me out for using anti-Semitic tropes.
Sep 2013
On a hill
You must be blind not to know what went on with Clinton...for a starter how about those classified emails on the private server which we are now finding out Comey turned a blind eye. Obama administration cover up into Benghazi, the IRS targeting scandal, Fast and Furious cover-up and a whole lot more
And the failure of republican conducted investigations into Benghazi to find hillary guilty, is Obamas responsibility exactly how?

Youse guys throw out accusations without thinking them through.
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Nov 2015
I've got a problem with so-called legal "experts" , like Gene Rossi , commenting on Mueller in the manner he's doing. He's casting Mueller as some sort of scheming menace to Trump with his own "acolytes" that he's sent out on a missions to take down Trump. The fact of the matter is Mueller simply referred matters to other prosecutors offices because they were beyond the scope of his mandate. By all accounts Mueller is a "by the book" sort of guy. Mr. Rossi has him practically sitting in his office twisting his mustache like "Dick Dastardly" plotting against Trump. He doesn't even have a mustache.

It's true that Mueller has indeed left a paper trail for other prosecutors to follow. But, it was done within the legitimate confines of his purview as the special counsel. The prosecutors' offices taking up the criminal process ,in any case, are not Mueller's "acolytes". They're the nations most qualified career professionals with no particular score to settle or bias against Trump. Rossi is peddling just the sort of narrative that feeds into Trump's "deep state" conspiracy theories. And I really wish MSNBC would knock it off.
I disagree. I think Mueller would be the type of guy that would be a director of the FBI and lie to congress that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.