Prepare for Mueller’s long shadow

Dec 2006
In the Witness Protection Program
Once again you are on the wrong thread and not sure what the heck you are talking about calling me out for using anti-Semitic tropes.
You’ve been told. But, you don’t seem to have the capacity to learn which is unfortunate yet typical of a conservative
Apr 2019
Nobody is talking about impeachment at this time.

And the D's on the campaign trail are NOT talking about the Russian investigation, they are talking about the bread and butter issues you are talking about.

But a lot of people do care if the current POTUS has broken multiple laws.

Sorry if you have "fatigue" but many of us do not.

Where the investigation ends up - who knows at this point

But it's important that it go on until the end.
That already occurred, most people realize that.
Jan 2019
You’ve been told. Referring to a Jew as “shifty,” is using an anti Semitic trope. Stop it.
Boy, now there is a stretch. Btw let me correct you. My name for Schiff, is Schiffty not "shifty" and it has nothing to do with the moron being Jewish. BTW you better worry about your own party who preach anti-semitism.