Prepare for Mueller’s long shadow

Mar 2019
mine field
What a load of crap! Ethics is NOT a shifting topic. Look at the Trump Foundation. It was ordered to be shut down for bullshit they pulling. Then there's Trump University. And he's profiting off of the office of the presidency. But you're cool with all that, amirite? Just as long as it's Trump.
Yes, I'm cool with that just like you're cool with Hillary's and Obama's unethical behavior. I can admit to being partisan. Can you?


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Jul 2007
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Yes and the most unethical. Don't you have to stop and ask yourself how she was investigated so many times and then ask how she skated? Certainly was not because she was not guilty.
How did she skate? It was Republicans investigating her. If they had even a minute possibility of convicting her of anything they would go for it. Jeff Sessions and his predecessors have probably tried desperately to find something - anything - to prosecute her and convict her on. They have the means to get all the evidence they need. Has it occured to you that they know they don't have evidence to take to a prosecutor? Why would Republicans who hate her guts protect her?!
Dec 2006
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Mueller was doing just what you said (investigating); so time for people like Schiffty and Nadler to let go of this and get on with what the people in this country really care about.
I’m sure the people on the right accusing Omar of being an anti Semite will be along any minute now to point out your use of anti Semitic tropes.....any minute now...
Jan 2019
What unethical behavior have they participated in? Specifically.
You must be blind not to know what went on with Clinton...for a starter how about those classified emails on the private server which we are now finding out Comey turned a blind eye. Obama administration cover up into Benghazi, the IRS targeting scandal, Fast and Furious cover-up and a whole lot more