President backs no jail for minor crimes, to reduce prison population by 300,000

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Only, that's not Obama I am talking about...

That's Putin: Putin has supported the idea of decriminalization of minor offenses - Interfax

In Russia 14:14, 30 July 2015

Putin has supported the idea of ​​decriminalization of minor crimes

According to the head of the Supreme Court, the bill will reduce the number of criminal cases in the country at 300,000

Moscow. On 30 July. INTERFAX.RU - Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the Supreme Court (SC), aimed at the humanization of criminal legislation.

During the meeting with President of the Russian Federation Supreme Court Chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev, the head of state presented the draft bill prepared by the Armed Forces, containing proposals for the release from criminal prosecution of people for the first time committed a crime not heavy.

In this regard, Putin agreed that "we have in custody is a sufficiently large number of people who have committed minor offenses by modern standards."

"But, nevertheless, (they) have to take the sad, frankly, and not always the most effective school of life" - the president added.

Putin also said that "similar questions are often raised and representatives of human rights organizations."

The President asked Lebedev to send him the bill.

The Head of State stressed that after the discussion of the bill at the plenary session of the Supreme Court (opens July 31 - IF) "will have to debate this bill and with the State Duma."

Putin reminded that has been repeatedly discussed with Lebedev, "the question of the continuing steps to humanize our laws."

On Thursday it became known that the Supreme Court of Russia has prepared a number of amendments to the criminal law of the Russian Federation, which will reduce the number of criminal cases in the country to 300 thousand.

During the meeting with the president the head of the Supreme Court said that the proposed decriminalization of a number of criminal acts and to translate them into the category of administrative affairs.

Noting that the bill proposes to humanize criminal punishment in three directions, Lebedev said: "If this bill is adopted, the number of cases that will be referred to the courts, could be reduced by 300 thousand."

In addition, the Supreme Court has suggested to enter the country, "an entirely new order of exemption from criminal liability."

"No criminal case or refusing to initiate criminal proceedings, the investigating authorities may apply measures under criminal law, that is, impose a fine or correctional or compulsory work if the person has committed a crime of small or moderate, but the first time committed and fully reimbursed damage "- said Lebedev.
300,000 less Russians will go to prison.

Meanwhile, the US has surpassed even Russia in your prison population, and, judging by news reports, this didn't have much impact on your crime rates... :smiley-shrug:
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