President Trump Mocks Democrat Debates

Apr 2019
It was incredible hearing the irish Latino talk about the kids:
. Maybe write a sequel "I considered their plight in Trumps America as they played on the req yard, it was then that I decided to take mercy on them, so i straightened out the wheel and gunned the gas pedal...the flimsy fence was nothing compared to their bodies on my hood, as they bounced off my windshield...
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Oct 2014
Didn't watch, but was it what I expected? Each candidate would try to out spend, out virtue signal, and make every promise that nobody would ever have to work a day in their lives, by taking all the money from companies, then everyone will be wealthy.... that type of thing?
Jul 2014
How did Trump win last nights debate while he was on his way to Japan?

Being reported by several sources that Trump was the winner.

Including one of the NBC "news" outlets!

Good job Trump!
Jan 2016
President Trump is mocking the Democrats' first debate, because none of the male Democratic candidates took the opportunity to brag on national television about the size of their manhood.

I mean, you would think at least a few of them would have wanted to let that fetching Tulsi Gabbard know just how well-endowed they are.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Trump is damn well hoping one of those two who raised their hands to show that they would get rid of private health insurers wins the nomination. Then he can cry SOCIALISM!!! Several of my coworkers have already been calling them "commies." lol