Protestors Fly Confederate Flag Next To NCAA Tournament Site In South Carolina


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Jan 2008
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Protesters fly Confederate flag by NCAA tournament arena in South Carolina

A small group of protesters flew a large Confederate flag from the top of a parking garage next to the arena hosting two men's NCAA Tournament games.

The group arrived Sunday morning, raising the flag from the back of a pickup truck . They planned to stay throughout the games and be on grounds as fans arrived at Bon Secours Wellness Arena.

Greenville police had the group move the truck about 50 feet away, citing safety concerns if the flag tipped.

Protesters said they wanted to make their presence known to the NCAA. The governing body lifted its ban against South Carolina holding championships in 2015.

By the early afternoon there were about a dozen protesters, many carrying Confederate flags, across the street from the arena's main entrance.

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Feb 2017
World wide and soon a town near you
The bigots are embolden with trump....Still good to see most just ignored these White Trash morons
Oct 2010
A place not infested with lying partisan hacks
So, no link?

Got it.
Educate You asking for a link must mean that you are as uneducated as usual when it comes to most every we need to hold your hand and guide you through the difficult parts?
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