Proving my objective outlook on matters once again.

Feb 2010
Don't ever say Oldschool never pulled for a Dem.

I'm announcing my absolute support for Joe Sestak in taking out one of the most hated(by GOPers) of Senators seated today. Not normally my thing backing Dems, but, my hope is that Senator Specter gets his arse shaved on Tuesday in Penn's primary. Bye Bye, Benedict Arlen.

Schieffer: Obama Bracing for Specter Loss

The Post also reports that Vice President Joe Biden will not be doing any campaign events for Specter in the final stretch, though it's not immediately clear how significant this is. Last week, Biden said he'd be doing events for Specter "as needed."

The White House decided against a last-minute visit to Pennsylvania by Obama.
That's correct Gentlemen, the last thing Specter needs is Dumb and Dumber coming into town to ruin any chance he has left. President Circus Clown and Vice President Foot in Mouth need to stay home, they know the prevailing winds are strong against them right now.