Put Away Your Handbaskets, Please

Dec 2014
The Milky Way
Awesome! God bless her and her mom.

We’re not all headed straight for That Other Place as long as there are wonderful young women like Ruby Kate Chitsey in the world.
Ruby Kate is an 11-year-old girl in Harrison, Arkansas. For several years, she’s been visiting the residents at the Medicaid-funded nursing homes where her mother, Amanda, works. One day, a little bored, and wishing for something to do, Ruby Kate noticed a resident staring forlornly out the window at a man walking a dog, and she started to wonder what would make the nursing home residents happier.
In order to find out, she did an extraordinary thing: she asked them. She knocked on the doors of their rooms and she inquired (surely Ruby Kate is an aficionado of traditional fairy-stories), “if you could have just three wishes granted, what would they be?”
They wanted such simple things: to pat a dog; to eat a Big Mac; to go to a park and watch families having fun; to have a pair of pants that fit, or a bottle of nice shampoo to wash their hair, a good book to read, or a fresh strawberry to eat.
Here’s a page from Ruby’s research:


Put Away Your Handbaskets, Please - Ricochet