Putin is destroying the Constitutional Court

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Jul 2011
The Constitutional Court is supposed to be the most powerful judicial body in Russia, even higher in authority than the Supreme Court, tasked to rule on the matters of the Constitution itself, as its name suggests.

It is located in a majestic palatial building in St. Petersburg

And it is shriveling and rotting in corruption and decay...

As per the aforementioned Russian Constitution, the Court is supposed to have 19 Judges on it.

At the moment, after another recent retirement of a Judge, there will be 15 left

Putin, quite simply, in recent years, has decided to just let the Court shrink and decline, in both size and authority. He refuses anymore to replace dying or retiring Judges!

The Chairman of the Court, 74 year old Valery Zorkin, has been there since 1991, literally since the Soviet Union fell apart

He is completely loyal to Putin, makes really no own decisions, just does as he is told behind closed doors

which is why he was, of course, reconfirmed recently as Chairman.

Most of the other Judges are also old men and women from Zorkin's era.

Meanwhile, the very Court set up to ensure and defend Constitutional democracy in post-Soviet Russia continues to wither and die, while Putin and his cronies keep growing in their wealth and absolute power... And they will never allow anyone young and new into the Constitutional Court, to challenge them in any way.

I actually had no idea the Constitutional Court was in such terrible shape. Just read an interview on a opposition site with a lawyer, she was practically in tears about this... :(

Sad. But, overall, not unexpected...
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