Putin moves Far East capital

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Jul 2011
President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Thursday making Vladivostok the capital of Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District, replacing the old capital of Khabarovsk.

In October 2018, the acting governor of Primorsky Krai, Oleg Kozhemyako, proposed to transfer the capital of the Far Eastern Federal District from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok, citing economic incentives.

The proposal was met with criticism by officials in Khabarovsk. Both the mayor of Khabarovsk and the governor of the region publicly expressed their opposition to the proposal.
Putin Makes Vladivostok the Capital of Russia’s Far East, Replacing Khabarovsk

Putin and Kozhemyako

This is actually a big deal. It is a gesture by Putin to make Kozhemyako more popular, as he instals him as Governor, in a region where the ruling party has had big problems lately: Russian Communists say election stolen by pro-Putin candidate | Reuters

But this is gonna be a logistical nightmare.

Russia is divided into various Federal Districts, each overseen by one of Putin's Presidential Envoys, who report directly to the Kremlin, and whose authority supercedes that of regional Governor's, who are their underlings, basically

Far Eastern District is in yellow, obviously.

This new decree will now force Putin's Envoy for the Far East, Yury Trutnev

to move his entire staff from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok.

The defense ministry also has Military Districts, which roughly correspond to the civilian ones, and the Far Eastern Military District command HQ is also currently in Khabarovsk

They probably will also have to move now, probably the Navy's Pacific Fleet HQ in Vladivostok will have to expand to accommodate the Army generals and all their staff...

Among other things.

Crazy. God only knows how much this will cost. Just because Putin fucking felt like it... Dictatorship for ya...

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Jul 2011
Actually, it's orange. The far western district is the yellow one. :zany:
Fair enough lol They really need better colours... :D

Ah finally. The map of Russia is brought into general agreement with the map of Risk. :think:
Fun fact, I heard that the reason the Republic of Buryatia

and Zabaykalsky Krai region

were both moved from Siberian to Far Eastern District just this past November, is because the Envoy for Siberia, Sergey Menyaylo

was tired of his District looking like a dick with a set of testicles :D Obviously they never said as much on TV, but, reportedly, behind the scenes, that map did elicit plenty of giggles :)

And Menyalylo is a serious man, a Navy Admiral and former Mayor of Sevastopol in Crimea, post-2014

He didn't need that shit ;)
Aug 2018
Ah finally. The map of Russia is brought into general agreement with the map of Risk. :think:
I was just going to say, that map had the board game fan in me salivating.

Concept: Putin has died unexpectedly. Play as the envoy of one of 8 federal districts. Subjugate, arrest, poison or overthrow 4 other envoys to control the majority of districts - and win the Kremlin. But be careful. None of your rivals are going to go out quietly. Western funded protests are popping up, and if no one wins control in 15 turns, the revolution erupts - and no one wins.

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