Putin's "Useful Idiots" ID'd: Trump and GOP Trump Defenders


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Jul 2014
One of the fascinating parts to me is looking at the reasons behind why someone would volunteer to be Putin's stooge.

There are going to be some who continue to put forth this propaganda, knowing it's false, but taking this political action for partisan purposes. Not drawing the line at questioning or disparaging our long held allies or our own law enforcement and intelligence communities when it comes to securing political power. Now, that's just part of being a scumbag. That's the world that has given birth to the #TrumpEnabler.

There are others though who will spread these debunked Russian generated conspiracy theories and believe them wholeheartedly out of an undying faith in President Trump. This is more of a cultish behavior based on blind loyalty.

Think about it. Never in our history that I can recall - has one political party pushed such blatant nutter theories. All while throwing all the agencies you mentioned under the bush. The very agencies that are supposed to keep us safe and protect our National Security. There are no other words to describe it but "cultist behavior".

Which really makes me wonder what Putin has on Trump, considering how many times Trump has gone out his way to praise him. Don't ever forget Helenski.

Funny, last week Kennedy admitted he made a mistake on this - must-have gotten some "push-back" for admitting that, and now looks like he changed his mind again and is 100% in.
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Sep 2016
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I know you're ready to believe that our intel community is lying, but do you honestly believe that all of our allies' intel communities are lying and they're all in a conspiracy to thwart Trump?
There were a lot of other countries around the world when it came to the war in Iraq that disagreed with US intelligence agencies. Many of them said outright that there was NO credible evidence of WMDs' in Iraq. If the US was lying now again those same countries would disagree again. The fact that none of them are disagreeing with US intelligence this time should be enough for any thinking American to conclude that this time American Intelligence isn't lying. US intellience was willing to bend to the US Presidents demands. US intelligence lied to make the US President and those people around him happy when it came to Iraq. US intelligence was so afraid of Cheney and Rumsfeld that they just went along with their wishes and said there were WMD's when they knew there was NO credible evidence just like the other countries were saying. Thank GOD US Intelligence Agencies have learned their lesson. They will not play politics again and lie just because the US President and the people around him want them to play politics. Unfortunately the Republicans around the President have not learned the lesson of history. Just like the stink that sticks to the people that were supporters of the Iraq war back then sticks to them today so to will the stink stick to the people that support Trump today.
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Mar 2019
The worst part is Putin gloating openly about it, cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West as her monkeys take to the skies ...

... and yet, Kennedy still goes on MSNBC to do this. And it's not like it's because it advances some policy interest or other idiosyncrasy.

It is because Trump believes it (or says he does) and all of these guys, in sheer terror, are determined to reaffirm what he says.

If Kennedy dared to go on Chuck Todd and say otherwise, he'd get tweeted at. And they just can't bear the thought!
Old Fake News. Russia died when Mueller browned out. It was "Racism" for a few days. Then it was about the Snitch. Then it was Bribary. Then Extortion. The "Charge Du Jure" is now "Abuse of Power". Haven't you been watching CNN?