Quebec village refuses to remove swastika anchor from park

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
The municipality of Pointe-des-Cascades, Que., says it won't remove an anchor adorned with a swastika in a neighbourhood park because the piece has historical significance.

Last Thursday, Corey Fleischer, the founder of Erasing Hate, was called to Parc Saint-Pierre in the small village west of Montreal to remove the swastika.

Fleischer is known for patrolling the Montreal area to scrub away hateful graffiti. But as he went to paint over the swastika, Fleischer was confronted by the mayor, who called the provincial police to have him removed from the park. On Tuesday, the municipality said in a statement the anchor predates the Second World War and was recovered 25 years ago by divers, making it a piece of local history.

According to the statement, the anchor in what is known locally as Anchor Park belonged to a merchant vessel.

"The village of Pointe-des-Cascades does not endorse Nazism. Our village has a beautiful community and family spirit, and creates events that bring people together," said Gilles Santerre, mayor of Pointe-des-Cascades. That response doesn't quell the concerns of Fleischer, who says the anchor should be relegated to a museum, out of public view.

"There is zero place for any swastikas in any public parks, right across the world," he told CBC Montreal's Homerun.

Quebec village refuses to remove swastika-emblazoned anchor from park - Montreal - CBC News


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Jul 2007
So. Md.
Apparently, that swastika has nothing to do with Nazism. Maybe they could put a little plaque on it to explain that.

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