Race to replace retiring Republicans could mean midterm problems for GOP

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
Race to replace retiring Republicans could mean midterm problems for GOP
By Emily Goodin

"Rep. Frank LoBiondo and Rep. Dave Trott are part of a string of moderate Republicans retiring this year."
"In LoBiondo’s South New Jersey district, finding a quality GOP candidate has proven a challenge. And while there’s still time before the April 2 filing deadline, Democrats have State Sen. Jeff Van Drew, a well-known, powerful local politician, whose entry into the race caused several political watchers to declare the contest a toss-up."
"There are 21 House seats this cycle where GOP lawmakers are simply hanging up their hats and calling it a day. And it’s fueling Democratic dreams of picking up the 24 seats they need to retake the House in November."


The Republican good days are numbered. And it's even better news now for Democrats that many Republicans are choosing to retire. If they felt they had a good chance of retaining their majority they would not retire at this point. But they can clearly see the handwriting on the wall.


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Jun 2014
Still hard to get my head around the idea that I'm rooting for the Democrats.

But I am.
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Jul 2017
This is just one of many many factors contributing to a GOP slaughter in November.
Even the laziest hippies I know are voting in '18....and the women vote?,
Yep, it's gonna be a shutout.
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Aug 2011
Heaven Above
I sure hope they are replaced with TEA Party / Conservative type candidates and not establishment hacks.