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Yeah, it does. It's not the usual Ferrari Red.
Ahso Ferrari didn't gloss clear coat the paint job to save weight. Makes sense. But also perhaps a sign of trouble at the Scuderia if they doing that to squeeze every bit of speed out of this year's SF90.

Ferrari's matte red 2019 F1 livery to help reduce SF90's weight
Ferrari says its decision to give its 2019 Formula 1 car a matte red paint finish was taken purely for performance reasons.

The Italian outfit revealed a new darker matte livery at the launch of its SF90 at Maranello on Friday, having moved away from a traditional gloss finish. Team principal Mattia Binotto said the move was inspired by a desire to reduce the car's weight, as the matte finish weighs less.

"The reason is not aesthetic, but exclusively technical," explained Binotto. "Eliminating the shiny element gives us a few hundred grams, which may not sound like much, but when you push everything to the limit even this has an effect."

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